May 31, 2022

Visual Storytelling

5 tips to create meaningful business presentations

In his first workshop to Drawify users (March 2021), Ben gave unforgettable tips to become a star in visual storytelling. From there, we extracted great tips that can easily make a business presentation much more meaningful


So if you want to provoke feelings, thoughts and actions in line with your goal, take a look at them! And be aware that we have an extra tip in the end just for the bold ones


1. Choose your hero

Who is the main character of the message? Your team, the client, or maybe the product? Create a story for him/her/them.



2. Use clear words

Some words in business presentations can become obsolete. Try to choose a word that makes the difference. For instance: instead of “transparency”, you can use “clarity”.


3. Make the colors speak

Even when you have a branding guideline to follow, you can add some meaning with a different touch here and there. You don’t need to change the color of a heart from red to one from your brand pallette, for example.


4. Evoke with directions

Each layout can bring different feelings, thoughts and actions. For example, if you want people to think more strategically, make a sequence that starts at the bottom and continues to the top.


5. Formats to express

When choosing backgrounds to gather key ideas in different groups, you can express the meaning of each of them by formats. Round forms convey calm, the same way fragmented backgrounds give a sense of disorder, for instance.


Extra tip: Don’t be afraid to use metaphors

When you want the team to “get to the top”, for example, you can use a mountain to be climbed. It’s engaging and easy to associate with. And, why not, have more fun? 




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Are you curious to learn more from Ben? Don't miss his next free workshop: Create visual frameworks for better alignment and decisions, June 2nd, 10 am (CET)/ 6 pm (DST). 


About Ben Crothers


Besides being a top-notch Drawifier, Ben Crothers is also a professional graphic recorder, facilitator, trainer, and author of Presto Sketching. He lives in Sydney, Australia, and runs Bright Pilots, his own training and facilitation consultancy. Take a look at Ben's drawings here.

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