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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Drawify?

Drawify is a platform that helps you to translate your story into a professional looking drawing, powered by visual elements of business artists (we call them Drawifiers) around the world.

Making it simple and easy is our ‘BIG THING’. From now on, everyone can create compelling drawings, add text and customize colors. Your visual story will be ready in less than an hour.

Drawify combines all features on the same platform. One canvas where all the magic happens, connected with the visual database of thousands of drawings. A database that grows every day.

Can I customize my drawings?

Yes! First of all: you can mix and match the different elements on the platform and make your personal story.

On top of that, we are very proud of our unique feature that enables you to change every color into those of your company to make it a 100% fit with your branding.

How to export the drawings I’ve created?

We autosave your drawings on the platform, so no need to worry about that. When you think your drawings are ready to be shown to the world, export them in jpeg or png.

We are working on integrations with social media apps, so soon you will be able to share them fast and easy with your network…if you want.

Can I use the drawings for commercial use?

Yes! Even in the free version, where you can download several drawings per month, we allow you to use our images for commercial purposes.

Just register on our platform to get this free access.

What does the paid version offer?

Everything. Like we said… ‘keep it simple’ is our big thing. We don’t like 5 different plans with small caps. One plan for everyone that allows you to do everything.

The only thing you have to choose is whether you like to pay per month or per year.

We really appreciate one-year engagements so we’ll make it an offer you can’t refuse. Users with a one-year subscription are invited to monthly events and workshops with the artists… 100% free. Just because we love your loyalty and creativity.

Who are the artists?

Drawify couldn’t be possible without the hard work of a great bunch of talented visual storytellers. They are not ‘only’ illustrators. They are strategically thinking visual facilitators working for business. They understand your world, your language and themes.

What if I can’t find the drawing I’m looking for?

Just ask. Together, we continuously create new visual content, adapted to what is happening in society and business. Request a drawing on our platform and spark the imagination of our Drawifiers. They will add new drawings within 48 hours.

And if you want something really exclusive, something no one else has? Contact your favorite Drawifier and ask for your personal drawing. Explain exactly what you are looking for and they will send you a quote for your tailormade drawing.

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