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Common questions

Here are some of the answers to the questions that we get the most. Don’t worry we are here to help you get started.

Drawify is a platform that enables you to translate your story into a professional-looking drawing, without having to draw yourself. Our visual storytellers around the world have created a huge library of handmade drawings for you. The only thing you have to do is pick your favorite drawings, drag and drop them into the canvas where all the magic happens. Compose your drawing, add your text and customize colors. It’s simple, easy and above all, a lot of fun!

Yes! First of all: you can mix and match the different elements on the platform and compose your personal story. On top of that, we are very proud of our unique feature which allows you to change every color into your specific company colors. Use the exact HEX color of your brand and all your drawings will have your company’s look and feel.

Is your creation ready to be shown? Download your drawing with the Download button at the top right of the canvas. You can download it in Jpeg or png. If you immediately want to share your creation with the world, use the share-button and choose for mail, Linkedin or Facebook. We are pretty sure your story will draw the attention it deserves.

Yes! Even in the free version, where you can make your first drawing for free, we allow you to use our images for commercial purposes. Our logo that appears on the download is discrete so you don’t have to catch it.
Any publicity won’t do us any harm. When you use Drawify to illustrate books or publications, we would appreciate it to be mentioned in the Sources section.

In any paid plan, you get full access to all drawings, fonts and all features. You will also be invited to our monthly workshops that you can join for free to leverage your skills.
We have two different plans: The Explorer plan is perfect to start your creative journey. You have access to all drawings and fonts but you will be limited in the amount of drawings you can create and store. If you are planning to use our tool more frequently, our Hero plan is your way to go with an unlimited amount of drawings to create. For each of the paid plans, you can choose for a monthly or yearly subscription.
The monthly plan gives you the freedom to pay per month and end any moment you want. However, if you prefer to save money (up to 40%), the yearly plan is your best shot. Are you a school, or an enterprise? We offer solutions adapted to your specific needs. Please contact us to find out more.


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