May 14, 2023

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Launch NEW Drawify 3.0

Faster, smoother and funner than ever before.

You asked, we listened!

We’re proud to announce the launch of Drawify 3.0, the latest version of Drawify. We’ve completely rebuilt our platform to make it faster and more accessible, plus we’ve added the most-requested features by you, our fantastic creative Drawify community.

Multiple pages in Projects -easier for presentations

Now, you can create multiple pages – or scenes – within the same Project, and switch between them with ease. Perfect for when you’re using Drawify to design presentation slides.

Oh, and yes you can duplicate slides for faster workflow!

Presentation mode -for speed and convenience

Once you’re done creating pages in your Drawify Project for a slide presentation, you can switch to Presentation mode, to see your designs in full-screen within your web browser.

No need to export first. Great for making changes on the fly.

Drawing toolget more creative

Mix Drawify images with your own drawing, using the new Draw tool. It features 4 different customizable pens to choose from: Marker, Highlight, Glow and Spray.

Everything you draw then becomes an object you can copy, resize, and move around the canvas.

Smarter image search - fast inspiration

Find the images you’re looking for faster, as well as others you might not have thought of. Drawify search now offers related suggested search terms, to help you find just the right image.

Try it now, and get inspired!

100s of new shapes for great-looking diagrams

Drawify now has a huge range of different shapes to use for your diagrams. Choose from either filled or outlined, in a range of styles to match what you need.

And just like all the other images, you can customize the colors of the shapes too.

There’s even more new stuff to enjoy

As well as a great new design, Drawify 3.0 also has even more feature improvements:


Use Drawify with ease on your tablet

Improved object alignment

Smarter positioning and snapping guides to improve your layouts

Text improvements

Set text hierarchy for headers, subheaders, and paragraphs

Layers panel

Reorder text and image elements faster and more easily

Object grouping

Group and ungroup elements to speed up creating more complex layouts

Discover for free now: Drawify 3.0


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