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Create visual frameworks for better alignment and decisions

Thu, Jun 2, 10:00 AM UTC

Are you tired of using the same visual frameworks in your meetings all the time, and need inspiration? Or, are the visual frameworks you're using not getting your groups to align and make decisions well enough? Join facilitator and visualisation maestro Ben Crothers as he shares a handy 3x3 visual framework matrix with you, to make it easier to know the right kind of framework to use, to get the best results for your meetings You'll also learn his 5-step process to create your own new visual frameworks that you can use right away.


Besides being a top-notch Drawifier, Ben Crothers is also a professional graphic recorder, facilitator, trainer, and author of Presto Sketching. Ben lives in Sydney Australia, and runs Bright Pilots, his own training and facilitation consultancy. 

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