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Jun 15, 2021


Workshop: create your resume with drawings

Are you a trainer or coach, and you just don’t want to be one of a million when presenting your skills or services?
Make sure that you will be unforgettable, in a positive way.

Create your resume with drawings to show who you are, what sets you apart from others, and what value you bring, all at a single glance.
This is a training that you can attend for free because you have a subscription to Drawify.

Whomever you are trying to impress, chances are high that they prefer a visual summary over slides or a regular page full of text.
During this 1-hour training, Piyuesh will guide you through the creation process of a visual resume.
When: Friday, June 25th, From 12 till 1 PM


This is a training that you can attend for free when you have a subscription to Drawify.
Are you interested in this training and want to enjoy even more exclusive trainings?
Surf to: Drawify and start your subscription to participate in the training!

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