Jan 19, 2023


Team Reward Staircase Template

By The Visual Agile Coach

It’s not just another Retrospective template.

Here’s the 5th our Visual Agile Coaching templates – completing the Teamwork Toolbox – this time we’re working on the Adjourning phase of Tuckman’s Model of Group Development.

Added later as a 5th and final stage (in 1977), Tuckman envisaged the breakup of the team.

But where’s the fun in that?! Instead, we focus on learning, celebration and reward!


Why Create a Team Reward Staircase?

Change is more effective when delivered by long lived teams.  Ringfenced, time limited project teams cut off from the business aren’t the way forward.

Instead, teams seek to stay together, adapting to the work or task in play with no need for costly or emotional break ups. 

Lots of need for continuous learning, sharing experiences, growing together, celebrating together and enjoying rewards – all key features of high performing teams.


When to Create a Team Reward Staircase?

  • A set task or project is coming to an end
  • Quarterly review of team performance
  • Just whenever the team needs a boost


How to Create a Team Reward Staircase (with Drawify)

OK – so it is a lot like a retrospective just with the added incentive of a team reward at the end.

  1. Get the bad stuff out the way first – what went wrong, badly or just not so great?  Then just park it – for now – maybe use the Visual Agile Coach Team Bounce back template to conduct a root cause analysis and resolve any issues.


  1. Keeping on the positive trajectory discuss what went well – taking time to reflect and celebrate success is a key activity for a High Performing Team. 


  1. As is continuous learning and continuous improvement. As a team ask yourselves: what did we learn and what did we improve on (from last time – the last project, sprint, quarter etc.)?


  1. Now its time to draw some conclusions and action plan: what are we going to do more of (or less of)? Make sure to carry these insights and learning into the next team activity or task.


  1. Because work can’t be all work and no play consider what was fun and enjoyable, perhaps its time to share some amusing anecdotes or see the inevitable scrapes and near misses with a humorous eye. Like time, laughter is a good healer too.


  1. The podium awaits.  Maybe its only a virtual podium but you can still award prizes to recognise individual performances or award the full team with a prize (hopefully not a virtual prize…maybe a team event or night out).

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