Dec 21, 2022


Team Alignment Flightpath Template

By The Visual Agile Coach

And relax. Its time to Norm.

Together with Olina Glindevi and Ben Walder of Visual Agile Coaching, we’ve created our 3rd template from the Visual Agile Coach Teamwork Toolbox – this time we’re working on the Norming phase of Tuckman’s Model of Group Development.

Our Team Alignment Flightpath helps a team collectively explore and recognise the individuals that make up a team whilst bringing everyone together on the same flightpath.

Explore this template (or 100+ other industry-proven templates) in the template section in Drawify, for you to adjust, customise and fit your team's needs.


Why use the Team Norming Alignment Flightpath

A successful team recognises that it is the sum of its parts i.e. each and every team member.

For the team to work the team must work together and that means both recognising individuals and aligning towards a common goal.

That isn’t easy. You have to work at it and constantly fine tune the team dynamics.  Its even harder if the team doesn’t take the time to find out more about each other, what makes each team member tick and discuss how to align, whether that be towards a collective mission, ways of working or values.


When to Create a Team Norming Alignment Flightpath

  • Form a baseline of trust through learning about each other
  • Shape the team with shared values, needs and expectations
  • Welcome new joiners
  • Refreshing a team, checking back in with each other and the team mission


How to create a Team Norming Alignment Flightpath (with Drawify)

  1. Create your team – use Drawify personas or avatars to represent team members.
  2. Discuss as a team what you want to align on, here’s some ideas:

Team Basics: What, Why, How, Needs

Team Motivation – be inspired by Dan Pink’s Drive – autonomy, mastery, purpose

Team Charter - values, priorities, outcomes

Team Personality - ways of working, characteristics, how to have fun, how to celebrate

  1. Agree the Alignment Focus and select 4 maybe 5 as a maximum focus points - search Drawify for icons to provide a visual shortcut.
  2. Each team member talks through and / or draws their focus points, whilst the team listens / watches then asks questions in an open discussion.
  3. Time to select the focus points for the team, these may be obvious from the discussion, majority rule or maybe its democratic selection, brainstorming or a hybrid-mash-up (i.e. flexible hours + remote working = flexible working).
  4. Once the team is aligned on its focus point it is time to action plan, use SMART targets and agree a timetable to check back in on progress (or perhaps refresh the Alignment Flightpath).
  5. Decorate the Flightpath with a context or a theme – use the theme to show what business you work in, or the products and services your team provide, or any other way you wish to identify or promote your team.


Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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