Apr 22, 2022

Visual Storytelling

International Book's Day

Our favorite books about visual storytelling


April 23rd is the international book's day... The perfect moment to celebrate books about visual thinking, created or co-created by our very own Drawify-artists. 

  • Presto sketching: The Magic of Simple Drawing for Brilliant Product Thinking and Design – Ben Crothers (Drawifier)
  • Start to Draw – Axelle Vanquaillie (Founder of Drawify)
  • Visualifezation - Prowpannarai Mallikamarl (Drawifier)
  • The World of Visual Facilitation – Jeroen Blisjie, Tim Hamons, Rachel S. Smith. With the collaboration of the following Drawifiers in our team:
    • Mara Callaert
    • Martine Vanremoortele
    • Jill Greenbaum
    • Heather Martinez

And... because we all got inspired by fellow visual thinkers, our Drawify-artists made a selection of must-read books in the field of (visual) storytelling.
We created a TOP 12 list of books that, without any doubt, will inspire you.

So if you want to grow your competences as a visual thinker, here is your chance! 

  • Metaphors We Live By – George Lakoff and Mark Johnson
  • Thoughts on Design – Paul Rand
  • Design is Storytelling – Ellen Upton
  • Ways of Seeing – John Berger
  • UZMO: Thinking With Your Pen – Martin Haussman
  • Bikablo Posters: Visual Dictionary for flipchart templates, methodology posters & pictorial words – Martin Haussman
  • The Pop-Up Pitch – Dan Roam
  • Visual Thinking – David Sibbet
  • The Doodle Revolution – Sunni Brown
  • Thinking With Your Pen – Martin Haussman
  • The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide – Brandy Agerbeck
  • Visual Thinking: Empower people & organizations through visual collaboration – Willemien Brand


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