Jul 25, 2022

Visual Storytelling

How great visuals nurture engagement and collaboration in business

In today's business world, visual thinking is more important than ever. With the rise of social media and visual content, businesses need to be able to tell their story in a visual way. A strong visual presence help you stand out from the crowd, engage with customers and drive results. After all, our brains are wired to process visual information.  


We see 4 clear benefits of using visuals (and particularly, drawings) in business:

  1. Deliver your message clear and fast. It is well known that visuals stay in the memory faster and longer, and wins over text. Especially the use of simple drawings, helps you bring across your message in an easier, faster, and more understandable way.
  2. Connect the dots. When a process gets complicated, all the information risk to be scrambled inside our heads. Text doesn’t always help to connect dots, visuals do. Visual thinking helps you to show and understand the connections between the different parts of a process and enables the conversation about it.
  3. Make faster and better decisions. We often face the challenge of needing to decide on only one or two options when there are multiple of them. We may be familiar with the idea of analyzing the pros and cons of each alternative before making the decision. Instead of listing everything down only in words, present them with a more visual way, such as using tables, helps you see things more clearly and thoroughly.
  4. Keep your team productive and focused. Have you ever had the experience of not understanding others or not being understood during a meeting? Or seeing meetings going off-topic? Unfortunately, this happens every day and it’s one of the reasons why meetings are often a waste of time. Using drawings during a meeting, helps to focus on the objectives, to express desired outcomes, to capture the main insights and opinions.  Not only your team will work more productively and aligned, but they will also feel more engaged.


Don't know where to start on your visual journey? Don’t worry, Drawify provides a lot of visual thinking templates to help you practice and enhance your visual thinking skill.


If you want to learn more about how to implement visual thinking in your workflow, make sure you register to our upcoming free workshop with Piyuesh Modi on July 27th.

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