Jan 05, 2023


High Performing Team Builder Template

Norming is fine but Performing is better.

Here’s the 4th our Visual Agile Coaching templates from the Teamwork Toolbox – this time we’re working on the Performing phase of Tuckman’s Model of Group Development.

Our Team Performance Builder helps a teams explore what high performance means to them and chart a course to achieving their high performance targets.


Why Build a High Performing Team

Being part of a high performing team is an experience that you will never forget – in a good way.  Think back on your career to date – when were you at your best, able to give your best and happiest?

For many – it was when you were part of a team that delivered great outcomes, where you felt valued, you valued your team mates and you walked that little bit taller because you were part of something great.

So don’t settle for norming.


When to Build to High Performance

  • The team has identified its purpose and wants to achieve mastery
  • High performing individuals in the team need a stretch goal
  • The wider business needs a boost (to thrive or survive)
  • Complacency or comfort is creeping in


How to  Create a Performance Builder

  1. State you High Performance Team Mission by defining what high performance looks and feels like to the team. This is worthy of a focused discussion and some collective research (the Why).
  2. Once your team’s definitions of high performance have been agreed, label the targets search Drawify for icons to provide a visual shortcut (the What).
  3. Now it’s time for some honest and critical assessment of how the team stacks up against its high performance targets. Where do you stand now? What’s the gap to high performance? Compile a baseline statement, or visualise it I.e a scooter versus a car (the Now)
  4. Next set out how to bridge the gap to high performance, by a serious of iterative steps. Set out the key actions to achieve each step and what the characteristic of each step is – again how will taking those steps look and feel? Visualise it (the How).

Last of all - set your timeline for achieving high performance, remember this is iterative, break down your timeline to aligning it to each key step (the When).


How to work with the High Performance Builder

  • Review and refresh the High Performance Builder as part of your scheduled Team activities, the world moves quickly, plans can become outdated so will the High Performance Builder (and its usefulness other than an historic artefact).
  • Don’t forget to align the high performance targets to the ‘Team Why’ or purpose
  • If you are not sure where to start, start with a one High Performance target and build from there, adding more targets when they become clear and the time feels right to go up another gear
  • Set out a timeline, allocate leaders or owners for each target who are responsible for ensuring the team stays focused and on track.


Warning: Not every team will achieve high performance, it takes determination, grit and vision.

But you’re on the right track: You’ve set your high performance targets, critically baselined your today and action planned together as a team your path to high performance, visualising your destination and each key step along the way.

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