Sep 13, 2022

Visual Storytelling

Grab attention: 5 tips for visual storytelling

Attention please… Spoon-feed our exhausted brains!

Grabbing the attention of your audience never has been easy. But it there ever was a time to reconsider the way you bring your message across, it is today.

Our brains have been tortured by online meetings, remote work, boring presentations with endless bullet points. It’s your time to act and discover the power of visuals… it’s your time to shine.  

Visual storytelling is a great way to keep your neurons firing. If you want to inform, teach, or convince people in an engaging way, the use of visuals (and even more specifically drawings), can help you communicate your ideas more effectively. It is a powerful way to keep the brain active, it might just be the spark your story needs… And it’s fun too!

We are happy to share 5 simple tips to consider, when you start visualizing your story… You can’t draw? No problem. Use Drawify to create your visual stories without having to draw yourself.

Drawify founder and experienced visual storyteller Axelle Vanquaillie, was invited at Public Relations Review Podcast and shares her 5 tips with you:
Raise Your Storytelling Presentations! This Expert Gives Solid Guidance To Improve Your Outcomes (buzzsprout.com) 

Or read Commpro’s article, co-written with Axelle:

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