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Jan 05, 2022


FREE WORKSHOP: Design think your visual story - Jan. 28th

Learn to leverage a human-centered approach to craft compelling stories that win with your audience.

We wouldn't be Drawify if we wouldn't be sharing knowledge and skills on visual storytelling from within our Drawifiers' community!


Join us for a free 1-hour online Design Thinking workshop with Drawifying Facilitator Erin Gordon and subscribe here today!


This is your chance to learn to leverage a human-centered approach to craft compelling stories that win with your audience.


In this free engaging workshop, Erin will help us tackle a wicked challenge we all face at some point: how to craft a compelling story that moves your audience towards thinking or doing that thing your story was designed to portray.


We will be introduced to the essences of design thinking and core principles of designing for people. We will explore how to employ them with a set of discovery tools and techniques that instantly uplevel your storytelling toolkit. We’ll then dive deep into one visual mapping tool specifically designed to build empathy. 


During the workshop, Erin will highlight several design thinking templates ready for plug, play and rapid prototyping in Drawify. And, best of all, you’ll come away with a set of steps -- plus protips! -- to more confidently craft stories that win with your audience!


Curious to know more about our workshop lead, access Erin's bio to get a feel for her journey. 


Eager to learn from the highly experienced visual facilitator and Drawifier Erin? 

Simply join this Workshop on the 28th of January, 5:30 - 6:30p CET / 11:30a - 12:30p EST (Language: English)


See you there! Make sure to Subscribe!



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