Oct 07, 2021

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Drawify 2.0! What's New?


Drawify 2.0! Say What?

Hooray! We're looking back on a very cheerful Month!  The 1st of September 2021 is the day we've launched Drawify 2.0!

Driven by our users' enthusiasm and feedback, we've managed to expand our features and improve the overall performance of Drawify!  And ultimately, we’ve made it more accessible trough a new pricing plan!


First things first.  What’s new?

  • A BRAND NEW LOOK AND FEEL to make your experience even more fun!
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CANVAS: apply custom sizes, change the orientation and add a background color.
  • Drop it like it's hot!  Simply DRAG & DROP images and text into the canvas.
  • Use the COLOR PICKER to identify colors and use them.
  • MANAGE YOUR LAYERS: show, hide or lock layers, change the order, and bring objects to the center.
  • MANAGE YOUR PROJECTS: search, highlight, and duplicate projects.
  • SEARCH WITH MORE EASE: expand or lock the search pane.
  • A more accessible EXPLORER PLAN.
  • Free Monthly 1-on-1 coaching for our Hero users!


More accessible!

To make Drawify even more accessible for the world to discover, Drawify 2.0 offers a new Explorer plan for a price that puts a smile on everyones face!  Alongside, the Hero plan now includes free access to monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with an experienced visual storytelling professional!  Isn’t that worth a celebration?

But wait, there’s more…


Launching the 1st of September is no coincidence!  

Research shows that 50% of our brain is devoted to processing visual information. It’s no wonder that we remember visual information much easier!  As it’s our mission to make people use drawings for more powerful and memorable communication, and to improve learning curves, we at Drawify believe in the huge added value of introducing visual storytelling at schools, by offering Drawify for FREE to teachers and their students.  Welcoming drawings into the classroom is not only boosting the learning process. It will also increase students’ engagement! 

Keep an eye on our social media to be the first to know all about it!  Our “Learn Visually with Drawify” campaign will be spread into the world soon!  Now to end this post with a sweet takeaway we give you a peek behind the scenes:


At Drawify, we love an artists

Did you know that each version of Drawify is internally named an artists’ name?
“Pablo” was how we named Drawify 1.0.  Yes, of course, you know which Pablo we have in mind!  And the reason for choosing “artists’ names” needs no explanation! 

Drawify 2.0 pays tribute to the talented female Sri Lankan artist Kala Keerthi Sybil Wettasinghe, that’s why we internally name our 2.0 version Drawify ‘“Sybil”.  Dive into the story of the making of Drawify 2.0 by reading the article on Medium Digest “Drawify 2.0, ode to Sybil” via this link.


We celebrate Drawify 2.0, with great gratitude towards all of our enthusiastic users, our incredible team of developers, and of course our talented Drawifiers! Great gratitude to all of you amazing people!

Want to get introduced to our new features in Drawify itself?  Watch the replay of our Intro Sessions to Drawify 2.0 via this link.


Do you have any questions regarding Drawify 2.0? Simply drop us a line at [email protected]!   Happy to connect!

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