Jun 11, 2021

Visual Storytelling

Data have emotions too

People love people.

Research shows that we tend to gaze at people and faces first while looking at a picture.
Human faces and emotions have the power to capture and hold attention.
So, when you make your story visual, make sure that people are represented in your drawing.

Recently, during a training about visual storytelling, one of our trainees asked:
‘What if there are no emotions involved in your presentation, like for instance a presentation about technology, data, or finance…? What if your story is not about people?'

Well, I strongly believe that whatever topic you are talking about, there are always emotions or people involved.

Technology is all about people’s behavior. Data give people insights and finance is very often the result of people’s effort. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a story without emotion.
So, before you start making your presentation, think about the emotion you want to evoke with your presentation. Is it a happy story, an optimistic one, or maybe a worrying one?

I invite you to put at least one facial expression on your next slide about numbers. You will notice that it will attract more attention compared to showing a graph only.
To provide you with all the emotions you need, our Drawifiers have uploaded a huge collection of faces and people with different states of mind.
Here, you can see a collection of Klara Keharova.

Check on Drawify, start creating your drawing and discover the great pallet of emotions we have to offer!

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