Aug 22, 2022

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6 ingredients to make an impactful mind map

By Leila Blal, mind mapping expert

Take advantage of the incredible faculties of your brain… with a mindmap.

Are you one of the 250 people using Mindmapping to enhance your thinking and learning? If so, you might recognize it as a simple, accessible and impactful tool. If not… find out how Mindmapping can impact you. 

In 1970, the English psychologist Tony Buzan created Mindmapping as a visual thinking tool that “mimics” our own thinking and combines simple words and images. Since then, many studies demonstrated that, when well-practiced, it increases productivity and critical thinking. It has a positive impact on generating ideas, learning, memorization, organization, planning, project management...

At the scale of a company, the direct gain in using mind mapping is financial thanks to a significant gain in time and productivity… One of the many reasons why 90% of Fortune 500 companies use this technique. Speaking of which… Did you know that the use of mind mapping has saved Boeing more than $10 million?

At the level of the individual, the value is inestimable. We all have the same precious time-budget of 86,400 seconds, each day… non-refundable. In other words, no time to waste. Mindmapping helps us save precious time because we reach higher productivity and more effectivity. And finally, mindmapping provides pleasure which increases our motivation to work, our commitment and our memorization. Because having fun, optimizes learning.

Regular practice of mind mapping will allow you to optimize the potential of this superb machine that we all have: our brain! Discover which other 5 ingredients (next to the brain) are essential, according to Tony Buzan:

  1. A brain
  2. Imagination
  3. An open mind
  4. A topic to explore
  5. A white sheet
  6. Markers and Pens

This article was written by Leila Blal, an expert in mind mapping. She is certified in the teaching of mind mapping by the Buzan International group and is authorized, as such, to issue certifications of "Practitioner Tony Buzan in mind mapping", the only certification recognized worldwide in the field.  Leila is also vice-champion of France 2020 in mind mapping and international arbiter in the world competitions of mind mapping. Her mind maps are referenced on the international site which lists the “finest mind maps in the world”.

Leila is giving a FREE workshop in Drawify on September 13th about mind mapping, to tell you more about it. Make sure you register on the following link!


Leila Blal, Mind mapping expert

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