Formula 1 Grid start

Formula 1 Grid start

A Go / No Go tool to create the conditions for success by asking the what the team, business partners and stakeholders need to feel good to go.

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How to use this template

Using the Formula 1 starting grid for inspiration to get teams off the start line: 

·       A Go / No Go tool to create the conditions for success by asking the what the team, business partners and stakeholders need to feel good to go.

·       Cuts out the subjectivity (and controversy) of a RAG rating by either being green or not green – no guilt, shame or fear of reporting a Red, no sitting on the fence and calling in an Amber.


When to use the VAC Grid Start?


·       At a Go / No Go decision

·       At the end of the Sprint before release

·       When there are multiple parties involved in a decision


How to use the Visual Agile Coach Grid Start?


·       Each team has a light – the objective is to get every teams’ light to green

·       Each team lists what they need to be able to give their greenlight for go – it might be help from another team

·       Hold regular check-ins to track progress against the greenlight criteria

·       When each team gives their greenlight – and all lights are lit up green – the collective Go can be given with confidence


·       OK in F1 its 5 redlights that light up and then go out to signal the race is on.  But we’ve chosen Green for positivity – use this visually to promote optimism and focus on collective success.


·       The VAC Grid Start lights means that everyone’s focus is ahead – not backwards or sideways – they all have the same goal of getting the lights to green so that everyone can move forward.


·       Rather than have a single point of decision making, when each team or individual owns a light it’s easy to see we’re all in it together – no one can progress until all lights are green – so help each other out rather than finger point.


·       The VAC Grid Start is lit up and fully visible – by sharing what each team needs for green the path to a Go decision is fully transparent - it may include reassurances or dependencies (on other teams), more information needed or requirements to meet critical success factors – and collective responsibility to deliver is the key to success.


·       With that transparency and collective responsibility it is easier to agree the cross-team action plans to help each team get to their green – create a backlog, make it visible, show the interdependencies and who is responsible for delivering.


·       Schedule regular check in, ask each other how everyone is feeling, how they are tracking, how can you help.  If 1 team is facing challenges and their light remains off – swarm and allocate resources to help get them to into position on the grid.

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