The Piste Map - Visual agile coach toolkit

The Piste Map - Visual agile coach toolkit

The VAC Piste Map promises exploration and progression for continuous improvement, personal and / or team development - from novice to expert.

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How to use this template

 The Piste Map gives you clear sight of your destination, the different routes to get there and provides a progressive structure for improvement.


1.         Set your overall goal or mission in your context or domain 

2.         Identify the skills and expertise you need for success – break them down from basic to advanced (i.e. green, blue, red, black grade).

3.         Draft a stepped or phased learning and development plan, each phase with distinct objectives, each building on the last, each requiring greater skill and competency, each delivering better results (NB. The VAC Piste Map encourages ‘learning by doing’) 

4.         Ensure each phase is directly correlated to achieving positive outcomes in your context i.e. faster, smoother, higher quality. 

If I/we [learn / master] [this] we will be able to [achieve / improve / deliver] better [X] 

5.         At the end of each phase reflect on what you have learned, how you have improved and what benefits you can now deliver – before moving up a grade.




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