The 4 dimensions of me: bring yourself to work

The 4 dimensions of me: bring yourself to work

This template helps you visualise the full you, to be fully yourself at work.

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How to use this template

The Wheel of Life was originally created by Paul J. Meyer in the 1960s

What is it?

A commonly used coaching or self-assessment tool, illustrating the interplay and connectivity of the domains of our lives, typically: family, friends, work, finances, health, relationships.
With the objective of highlighting imbalances across the domains – those that need more attention or dominate or are undervalued. 

How to use it

1. With a coach or on your own, often in a first or early session for a holistic view of your ‘whole of life’ and the balance or imbalance therein.

2. Create your own Wheel of Life, select the domains to be focused on. Label each segment (there are lots of Wheels of Life online for inspiration or just a template). 

3. Join the dots: score each segment out of 10 for satisfaction, fulfilment, happiness or time dedicated – or another measure that resonates.

4. What do the results tell you? Do you have balance across all segments? Or is one sector dominating and by implication others suffering?

Are you happy with the result? Do you need to make changes? (You might not).
Start with this baseline and check in periodically – rescoring each segment (or relabelling with a new domain), is the balance shifting or gravitating towards a specific segment? Are 


  • Exploring a segment deeper, family can be split out into family members, leisure into activities.
  • Problem solving, create a wheel of the challenges in your life, or break down goals into the actions required to achieve them. Combine with SMART action planning.
  • Using for self-reflection, for drawing out personal values, goals and aspirations or simply aspects of your life you want to change either by improving or reducing.

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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