Agile Growth Rocket -visual agile coach

Agile Growth Rocket -visual agile coach

This template helps you take your superpowers into orbid by defining your personal and future you, and mapping out the growth you want to see.

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How to use this template

The Visual Agile Coach Growth Rocket follows the trajectory of comfort, fear, grow (inspired by the Learning Zone Model), journeying from the current to the future fuelled by You. 

The Learning Zone Model - developed by psychologist Lev Vygotsky.

Why use the Growth Rocket


·       To structure a personal or team development journey

·       To break out of a comfort zone or conquer fear

·       To harness personal strengths to achieve ambitions

·       For a boost of positivity in challenging environments or times


When to use the Growth Rocket

·       Taking a structured approach to career progression and / or personal development

·       When a new and challenging environment demands performance improvement

·       Performance has plateaued, comfort is causing drag and a paradigm shift is needed

 How to use the Growth Rocket

·       Identify your strengths – your passions, interests, skills, hobbies, experience.  Unsure what these are then try complete a Personal SWOT analysis – with friends or colleagues to provide a 360 degree perspective. 

·       Define your future state target – new job, new skill, new venture.  Ask yourself where you want to be, what you want to be, how you want to be it?

·       Map your strengths to the future you – how do they look? More powerful, more complete, more energising? Think about how you are going to utilise, harness and develop them on your journey.

·       Follow the Learning Zone flight path and work through how you are going to pass from 1 orbit to the next towards your destination:

Comfort: Reflect on your ‘comfort zone’ – a double edge sword, you find things easy but complacency is a risk – you’ve likely plateaued and maybe not living up to your potential. What do you want to change up and take you into the fear zone? Select the strengths and attributes that you want to build on (or select a strength 1 at a time).

Fear:  What would create fear and take you out of your comfort zone?  What activities, what environment, what context? Don’t worry you’re fuelled by your strengths and they’ll take you to the next level.  For each fear-driven activity match your powers and identify how you’ll harness them to achieve growth.  Consciously take yourself outside of your comfort zone and seek opportunities to challenge yourself – taking you closer to your end goal.

Growth / Learning:  What doesn’t break us only makes us stronger. Keep your eyes on your end state as you’re getting close now. In the Growth Zone you are pushing yourself – learning new knowledge, gaining new experiences – that you’ve sought out and matched to your strengths.



The use of visuals to depict your VAC Growth Rocket Journey will help with your motivation and focus:


·       Draw your current state – where you are now – what does it look like? Draw yourself in your role or environment.  Don’t forget to include the strengths that are going to power your growth journey.

·       Similarly visualise your future state – are you in a different role, organisation or country.  Do you look or feel different – maybe add the emotions you will feel when you achieve your goal as inspiration 

·       Illustrate your journey showing the successes on the way, some of the challenges you may need to navigate round – think about the transformation you will undertake (caterpillar-to-butterfly like).  The VAC Growth Rocket journey is iterative (definitely not Big Bang!) as you pass through each Learning Zone orbit.

·       Capture what each zone looks and feels like, comfort v fear v growth are all very different. Again visualising fear may help make it less scary whilst also providing the incentive to push through to the next orbit and onwards.


Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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