How to start an effective meeting

How to start an effective meeting

Use this template as a way to educate your audience about a specific process or activity, as a visual one-page guide. It include different zones for different steps that may or may not be sequential.

Tags in this template meetings Productivity communication teamwork leadership organization time management agenda preparation collaboration decision-making follow-up


How to use this template

This template is designed to help you organize your thoughts about how to lay out a visual on-page guide, to help your audience understand how to do a specific activity (in this case, 'how to start an effective meeting'). Each step is a different visual zone in the layout; it's up to you whether or not to indicate if the steps need to be in a specific sequence.

Once you have finished your creation, export it as a PDF to share, or as an image to use in a presentation, e-learning module, online video or on your intranet.


For how to start an effective meeting:

  • Improved communication, productivity and participation by all team members
  • Greater accountability and follow-through on action items
  • Positive impact on team morale and overall performance

For using this template for describing any activity on one page:

  • Improved shared understanding about how best to do any given activity
  • Better information recall
  • Better portability (it's one page, not 10)

Laying out a sequence of steps in this way helps you to think about how all the steps acts together; do you need all of the steps? Is there a specific order?

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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