Present Your Team

Present Your Team

Use this template to showcase your team members, and introduce them to clients and stakeholders, highlighting their skills and experience in an engaging and visually appealing way.

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How to use this template

This team visualisation can be prepared ahead of time and used in pitches and presentations to clients and stakeholders.

Most team presentations focus on roles, but this templates helps to focus on the strengths and value of each team member instead. With that in mind, you can also use this template as a team building meeting activity, where each team member can add their own strengths and value, to then discuss together.


  • Increased team cohesion and collaboration
  • A more human-centered and compelling presentation of the team
  • Improved team engagement and involvement in presentations

Keep the description of each team member concise and focused on their key strengths and contributions.

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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