Straw Poll Voting

Straw Poll Voting

This Straw Poll Voting template helps your group do a quick and informal voting round on any topic. It's ideal for small groups, online forums, or quick feedback.

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How to use this template

Straw polls are so called because it's like holding up pieces of straw and dropping them to see which way the wind blows them. It's informal and non-binding, and a great way for a decision-maker to get quick sense for a group's majority opinion.

This template shows you the steps you can take. The last step after the Straw Poll itself is the Decider Vote. Who is the Decider? It is a leader, or someone who is invited to your session at the end, to avoid situations where the group is overly influenced by the Decider, or if they make a decision and then the Decider overrules them. In some organizations, this role is the manager, executive, or even a board member. In some organizations a team has the autonomy to decide, rather than a single decision-maker outside of the team; it depends on the set-up and environment of your team.


  • Increased participation, empowerment and engagement
  • A clear and concise summary of opinions on the topic
  • Transparency in the decision-making process
  • Save time 

This tip is from Scrum Master and Drawify user Andra Stefanescu: "In case the Decider (Leader) does not want to make a decision, or you cannot have a Decider role in your organization/team, then split the group into small teams, ask them to do the straw poll and then vote again deciding after hearing each others' arguments.

If it helps, you can also insert an additional step of questions and answers after each pitch and argument, so that it is clear for everyone the reasons behind someone’s perspective.

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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