Team reward staircase

Team reward staircase

Foster high-performing teams through Tuckman's Model. Promote continuous learning, experience sharing, growth, and celebration.

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How to use this template

The Team Reward Staircase template is a way to think about and articulate how a team wants to recognize and reward itself for their hard work and commitment towards achieving the team's goals.

The template is divided into several steps, with each step representing a different level of achievement that the team can reach, based on the progress they have made towards their objectives. As a team leader or manager, you can use the Team Reward Staircase template to set specific goals for your team, such as meeting a deadline or achieving a certain level of performance, and then reward them according to the progress they make. This can be done by providing small rewards for each step they achieve, such as a pizza party or a team outing, or larger rewards for reaching the top of the staircase, such as a bonus or a promotion. By using the Team Reward Staircase template, you can motivate and incentivize your team to work harder and become more productive, as well as foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration.


  • Embedded mindset of rewards and achievement in a team's culture
  • Increased motivation and engagement among team members
  • Improved team collaboration and communication
  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • Establishment of clear goals and objectives for the team
  • A culture of recognition and appreciation within the team

To effectively use the Team Reward Staircase template, ensure that the rewards are achievable and encourage continuous improvement, and communicate the metrics and milestones clearly to the entire team.

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