Force Field Analysis Diagram

Force Field Analysis Diagram

This template helps you visualise and analyse forces and influences for and against actions and change

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How to use this template

Analysing the driving and inhibiting forces at play in a project, product, or organization is a powerful way to ensure greater likelihood of success. As they say: 'hope' is not a strategy.

The Force Field Analysis Diagram includes several rows, one row per stage or element in your project, product or organization. Feel free to adapt these rows and colours to suit your context. The main thing is to use the left- and right-facing arrows as containers for content about restraining forces and driving forces respectively.

Once you have identified and displayed all of the forces at play, you can export it as an image to use in a presentation.


- Clear, shared understanding of the driving forces and restraining forces impacting a desired change, product, project, or organization
- Easaier to prioritize various actions based on their impact on the driving and restraining forces
- A more informed roadmap for implementation
- Foster stakeholder engagement and feedback through visual representation of the analysis
- Monitor progress and adjust plans as needed by revisiting the diagram over time


You can also use the blank version of this as a workshop template. Export it as an image and place it as the background in your collaboration canvas of choice (such as Miro or Mural), and then invite others to add their thoughts about forces and play, and how to exploit/mitigate them.

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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