Persona Group Summary

Persona Group Summary

Use this template to visually summarize of a collection of personas, and display essential information to easily compare one persona with another.

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How to use this template

The Persona Group Summary template is designed to help you communicate a summary of the characteristics of various groups of people that interact with your business or product. Once you adapt it to what you need, you can export it as an image to use in presentations, or print it out as a poster, to put up in a common area where your team works.

To use the template, first identify the different groups that you want to analyze. This could include customers, potential customers, or stakeholders. Next, gather information about each group's demographics, lifestyles, needs, and behaviors. Use summarized versions of this information to fill in the various sections of the template, including the group's goals, challenges, pain points, and communication preferences.

Once all the information is gathered, analyze the insights and use them to tailor your strategies to better meet the needs of each group of people. Overall, this template provides a useful way to understand the personalities, beliefs, and preferences of your target audience, which is essential for creating effective marketing campaigns and building strong customer relationships.


- Clear shared understanding across the team of target personas, user types, stakeholders or archetypes
- Improved communication between team members about user needs
- Accurate representation of user needs and behaviors
- Increased empathy for the target audience
- Better decision making when designing or developing products


Warning! It's really easy to overload this template with too much information. Try to include the essential content only, and leave the regular amount of content for other individual full-page representations of each persona.

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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