Customer Experience Strategy Map

Customer Experience Strategy Map

Use this template to make greater logical and strategic connections between your product/service, your customers, and your vision.

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How to use this template

Product or service strategy discussions often start with trying to formulate a vision statement. This can sometimes lead to vague, aspirational statements that aren't that useful. The Customer Experience Strategy Map is a powerful way to formulate more accurate and logically robust visions and strategies because it starts with focusing on customer problems first.

To use this template, open it in Drawify, and start by capturing known points of customer friction. What are your customers trying to get done, and what is specifically in their way? Next, capture specific points about how your offering removes or minimizes that friction. Keep going with the rest of the columns (Ideal Customer, Skills and Talent, Sales and Marketing) to see what logic emerges about what your ultimate purpose is, and/or what your vision should be.


- Clear understanding and alignment of organizational goals and target customer needs
- Greater understanding of customer goals and pains
- Greater likelihood of providing better customer experiences


If you use this template as a group, there is no harm in holding separate workshops for each column, and then a final discussion to bring all the elements together. Use this template as a forcing function to help your team's thinking and decision-making, to clarify the essence of your experience strategy into one page.

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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