Laptop User Experience Vignette

Laptop User Experience Vignette

Use this template to visualise a problem with the laptop user experience of a product or service, or a solution to improve the user experience.

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How to use this template

This template helps you to communicate a specific customer experience issue or solution in a more visual, compelling way. The Laptop User Experience Vignette is like a shrunk-down version of a storyboard in one frame. It shows the WHAT (e.g. an app or website displayed on a laptop screen) in the context of WHY (purpose for the solution), WHERE (where it is being used), WHO (who is using it), and WHEN it is being used.

Adapt the template to your purposes by uploading a user interface image for the laptop screen, as well as the figures and the text. Once you're done, export it as an image to use in a presentation. This comes in really handy for design critique sessions, where you need all stakeholders to know the context of your design before giving feedback.


- Clearer shared understanding of your idea
- Increased likelihood of positive understanding and persuasion
- Identification of user pain points and areas for enhancement
- More effective communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders


Use this template as Scene 1 of a whole storyboard, which you can create using extra Scenes in Drawify!

Customize the layout, content, and colors of this template, or swap elements for others to match your purpose.

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