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Think outside the box: make your drawings CREATIVE!

Wed, Mar 8, 04:00 PM UTC

When drawing we often tend to draw the obvious - which makes perfectly good sense in most of the cases. No reason to complicate things more than necessary. But sometimes we need the drawings to do something more or different than just the obvious - we want them to expand thinking or provoke understandings. And to do so, we need to think outside the box - we need to think like somebody else.

In this workshop you will be presented with 6 different positions, which will make your drawings more original and exciting. You will be introduced to the Photographer, the Psychologist, the Etymologist, the Wordcutter, the Stranger and the Comedian. Each role will have a different perspective on what “things” - eg. Words or concepts looks like - and when you have visited these positions you will have a lot of new ways to draw concepts like Strategy, Leadership, Idea, Partnership or even Love 😊 (and yes, there could still be hearts around).


Jesper Oehlenschläger, and is a visual thinker living in the Copenhagen area in Denmark. He helps a wide variety of professionals and companies to comprehend strategies, principles and visions more visually. He is also one of our artists behind the scenes, a Drawifier! You can find plenty of his drawings on Drawify and customize them as you need.


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