The power of visuals

Wed, Jun 28, 02:00 PM UTC

​How will using visuals help you in your career and workplace? What situations can you use visuals without your colleagues or boss laughing at you? 

​Olina Glindevi and Ben Walder have been there, done that. Both saw the impact of the use of visuals on their careers and are happy to share their experiences, use-cases with you. 

You will learn more about: 

  1. ​Why using visuals in business? 

  2. ​How to use visuals to enhance your Agile practice?

  3. ​Get your head into the drawing/creation process

  4. ​Discover the Visual Agile toolkit 

​Looking forward to seeing you there!

The speakers: 

Olina Glindevi (Stockholm) has a strong reputation as a Visual agile coach, speaking at several Agile conferences. Her daily visual posts about agile are like candy and attracted more than 11.000 new followers on Linkedin. 

Ben Walder (London) is a well-known change manager with a vaste experience in agile and digital transformation. Together with Olina, he's the founder of the Visual Agile Coach, working at a toolkit and book to help agile people run their practices more visually and become even more impactful. 

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