RECORDING session: The Pop-Up Pitch by Dan Roam

Fri, Feb 4, 04:00 PM UTC

Are you looking for the perfect pitch to clearly communicate your idea or concept? We have the most helpful tips to have it ready within minutes! Thanks to Dan Roam, one of our favorite experts in visual storytelling and a worldwide bestseller, claimed by some of the biggest international companies such as Google and Microsoft.

During the session he hosted for our users on February 4th, 2022, Dan taught us how to unleash the power of our visual stories and how to discover and communicate our best ideas quickly through visual storytelling.  As you may know, visual storytelling is ideal to make messages clear, compelling, and human in a complex world. The visual mind never sleeps, and that is the reason why most presentations are viewed as awful. Not because the ideas are not good. But if there is nothing visual to look at, after two minutes the audience’s visual mind will take over and will start making things up. On the other hand, if you lead people’s eyes, their minds will definitely follow. As Dan says, two minutes are proven to be the optimal amount of time to create our first drawing, re-think it a little bit, add more to it and then move on.

This workshop is about visualizing your thinking, creating your story, and sharing your sketches at the end. It is focused on your practice, taking Dan’s advice at each step. The exercise he proposes is based on thinking of a story about yourself, as you imagine it might be at the end of the year. For this, he shares his famous Toolkit with us, which unleashes your creativity (left to the right brain), guides critical thinking and problem solving, and provides a structure for a great visual story. Using this Toolkit and following Dan’s timing on the workshop, you can reach intense clarity around your own story/idea in just twelve minutes.

Are you ready to practice together with Dan Roam, improve your visual storytelling skills, and free your creativity? Watch the video below by signing up on our website!

We hope you’ll enjoy the workshop as much as we all have!

Dan Roam is currently launching his own academy! If you are interested in learning even more about visual storytelling, take a look at his available online courses: napkinacademy.com


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