Monstrify your visual thinking

Tue, Nov 29, 04:00 PM UTC

Are you tired of the same visual symbols? If all the visual maps look the same to you, we are coming with a workshop to make this change! This workshop is to unblock the funniest part of your creativity and change this by adding elements from other worlds. Shadow creatures, Monsters, Elfos, Vampires, and other beings bring a different perspective to our visual thinking. They help us to have a more personalized and unique visual in our jobs! Are you curious to learn a little bit more about how to "Monstrify" your visual thinking? Join us on this workshop, it’s going to be so much fun!

João Reis is an Agile coach who draws bridges between different worlds. He will show us how monsters and magic creatures changed the game on his jobs, and transformed boring visual maps into very personalized ones. Everybody can recognize them, doesn't matter where! He will share with us his creative process and many tips and examples that were useful to him. It's not Halloween anymore, but will be a pleasure to have you drawing monsters and creatures together with us!


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