How to make your life easier using drawings on your presentations and collaboration boards like Miro

Wed, Sep 28, 04:00 PM UTC

Who likes boring, full of text, presentations? And how about dull meetings and collaboration boards? No one, exactly!
That's why using drawings and visuals can help tremendously- not only to keep the attention of the audience/participants and colleagues- but also to engage them, spark their creativity, help them remember, etc.

Are you thinking: "Yeah, but who has time to prepare well for this? To draw everything takes hours!" Not necessarily.
I have good news for you. Come, explore the possibilities and play with ready-hand-made drawings, despite the fact you maybe can draw it all on your own! Did you know that now you can add engaging drawings to your Miro boards? During this workshop, Bea Brosková will guide you through Miro and show you how to easily use drawings on your boards. And make them more engaging!

Bea is a specialist and a pioneer of graphic recording in the Czech Republic – it is one of her passions. Apart from that, she invests her time and energy into group facilitation, visual facilitation and soft skills training in which she has 15 years of experience. She has traveled commercially and privately across a large part of the world, organized several educational conferences within AIESEC (the student-run global organization) and later within humancraft for people from all over the world. Bea is also one of the founding members of the European Visual Practitioners.



September 28th at 4pm CET

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