Free info session for potential Drawifiers!

Thu, Jun 23, 03:00 PM UTC

Have you ever drawn something and thought 'I wish I could share this with someone'? Well, now's your chance! We're looking for artists to share their drawings with our community. Not only it is a great way to get your work seen by more people, but you also inspire and help others in their projects. Not everyone has the drawing gift that you have! So, if you are an artist and would like to share your work with our community, we'd love to have you!

In this info session, our founder Axelle Vanquaillie will tell you what are the requirements to be part of our community, and how it works. She will also talk about the onboarding process to let you in, since there are a few steps prior to become a Drawifier that we need to work with you. After the session, you will be able to contact us in case you want to be part of the family, and we will work together to make it happen!

If you end up being a Drawifier, we will do everything to put you in the spotlight by embedding you in our marketing actions and communication. When Drawify wins, YOU WIN! We define transparent ways of acknowledging your contribution.

Click here to meet all the members of our family for the moment. We are all willing to receive you!

And here you can see the aftermovie of our yearly meeting! Last year was in Barcelona, and we are so close to experience it again in a different place.


Are you ready to be one step closer to us?

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