Draw along session: You ask, we draw!

Thu, Feb 23, 04:00 PM UTC

Draw along with Jimi Holstebro and Jens Nordmann!
Join our visual 'JAM'-session on Thursday, February 23rd.
Together we will draw words, concepts you need in your daily work, where you want have a visual for. Watch 'live' how the visual storytelling masters Jimi and Jens make them come to life.

Let's spark your visual creativity (and ours), and... have fun together.
This is a very hands-on session so bring your iPad or notebook to draw along.
All the drawings of Jimi and Jens will be uploaded on the Drawify platform afterwards, for you to use and customize.


Session hosted by two Drawify artists: Jens Nordmann and Jimi Holstebro
Thursday 23rd February at 4pm CET


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