RECORDING session: Design think your visual story by Erin Gordon

Mon, Feb 28, 09:00 AM UTC

How to make people think what you WANT them to think?

It’s hard, right? During her session last February, Erin Gordon gave us some guidance to address this challenge. Since we are all visual thinkers, we might think that adding a picture can help.

But even then… people always give meaning to an image based on the pictures in their head, based on their background or beliefs… So, it will still open a wide range of points of view and interpretations.

So, if you want your story to convey what it was designed for, you must put your audience in the center of the story.  In other words, empathy is the core step to find the right drawing for your audience.

You want to learn how to design-think your visual story, by listening to your audience? We are happy to share the recording of Erin’s session:


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