Create shared understanding with a drawing

Fri, Nov 3, 03:00 PM UTC

In this workshop, we will explore how to use drawings to create shared understandings – knowing that we will still need words. Combining general words and specific drawings will help you and your team get closer to a shared and agreed way forward.

Jesper, located in Kopenhagen, Denmark, will inspire us with his insights of years of experience as a visual storyteller and strategic thinker. 


Why attend?

Drawing is probably the most international form of communication we have in the world. It’s been around since humans started wandering the Earth – and we can still see some of our ancestors’ drawings in caves around the world. And drawings will most likely be left long after we are all gone. But just as words can be twisted, misunderstood, and taken out of context, so can drawings be the source of conflicts between different cultures.

For instance: When you draw a person, that drawing will be your specific representation of a person with gender, race, age, etc. – but the word “person” covers every person in the world. And when you draw the word “coffee,” you have to decide what type of coffee, you are drawing – it is not just a cup of any coffee… espresso, cappuccino, latte. And just to create more confusion, you could think of words like commitment, loyalty, obedience, family, love, society, democracy, etc. These drawings would be seen and interpreted very differently depending on your background.

Be inspired, reflect and think differently of your use of words and drawings!

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