Bikablo meet up: how to get from the dry concept to the right image idea

Tue, Dec 20, 04:30 PM UTC

Bikablo will run a meetup hosted by Drawify with the creation of a global image library on the topic of transformation.

Personal transformation and corporate change, digitalization or societal transition - hardly any visualizer does not deal with aspects of change. As many faces this topic has, as urgent is the need to give them a shape. As visual thinkers, we can invite reflection, dialogue and co-creation with appropriate image offerings.

This will be the Meetup:

  • We collect together terms, aspects and situations of transformation from our respective professional fields.
  • bikablo founder Martin Haussmann will give a methodical Iconize-it visualization input: How do I get from the dry concept to the right image idea?
  • Drawing time! We grab the pen and give each other visual implementations of the submitted terms ...
  • and thus obtain a comprehensive, intercultural image database.


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December 20th at 4.30pm CET

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