RECORDING: 3 Steps To Getting Tangible Outcomes In Meeting

Tue, Feb 28, 05:00 PM UTC

Have you ever attended a meeting only to conclude at the end that you need another meeting? Or maybe you sat there asking yourself the whole time, "Why am I here?". We've all been there! But not all meetings have to be inefficient, dull, or pointless. There are practical tools you can add to your toolbox and influence your meetings' outcome and impact.

In this session you will:

-Practice 3 very simple techniques that will help you turn pointless meetings into meetings with concrete outcomes

-Get a workbook and cheat sheet to have with you the 3 techniques every time you need them

-Get a free Miro template to use the techniques in an online environment


Andra Stefanescu helps teams create valued outcome together, teach them how to work and communicate better in a playful, practical and enjoyable experience set up. She is a Scrum Master, Workshop designer and Facilitator from Romania. The grateful moments come to her when she is able to help others to grow!


Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/fldqZ7a-jVw

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