About Me

Greetings! Nice to meet you, I’m Klára from Prague, Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. I’m a creative enthusiast and in my work, I combine psychology, psychotherapy, visuals and graphic elements. Cool, right? I’ve been a visual practitioner since 2015, when I started using my visuals for soft-skills training and facilitation processes. I want to make communication and understanding easier and more playful, and these days, I do just that via graphic recording and visual storytelling.







  • psychotherapy
  • facilitation
  • sketchnoting
  • graphic recording
  • visual facilitation
  • explainer videos
  • animated videos
What I offer

My talents are observing and listening deeply what’s behind words and faces of people, feeling what resonates inside me and mirroring emotions and thoughts - from inside to outside, to seek and find connections and meaning. And to guide this kind of process for others and make it visible for them. My greatest joy is to share my skills and knowledge with others, to relate to people in a deeper and meaningful way, develop them, and create something important and beneficial to all involved.

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