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Oct 28, 2021


Funding Round with WinWinner! Join our online info session on the 7th of December.

Are you growing with us?

We’re excited to share BIG NEWS with you!

To make our boldest dreams come true, we're raising capital with the help of WinWinner.  This public funding search is only applicable for Belgium, so if you’re living in this heart of Europe, make sure to read on!



Want to get to know the founders of Drawify and hear all about their future plans?

You're most welcome to join our ONLINE INFO SESSION on the 7th of December (18u00 - 19u00)




We've founded Drawify one year ago and today, we’re celebrating our ambition!  We’re proud of our 3000 users from 77 countries so far, who've created almost 7000 drawing projects in Drawify!  All of this was made possible thanks to the great work of our Drawifiers who've created a visual library from which our users can pick!  But on top of being a drawing tool, we're also a community and we serve our users with free monthly workshops and coaching sessions. 

We're grateful for what we've accomplished in the past year.  But our ambition reaches further! 



Through smart marketing, expansion of our team, and further development of Drawify, we want to make the power of visual communication globally known and accessible for everyone!  Because each of us can draw with Drawify!  

Yes, growing is amazing! But it requires resources and that's where Winwinner comes around!

WinWinner is a crowdlending platform on which companies can make their search for financing public and find investors who want to invest in those companies through loans. WinWinner accompanies Drawify through the entire process of the public financing search and in concrete terms, we are looking for a minimum of €80,000 and a maximum of €200,000 via WinWinner to make our boldest dreams come true.

Indeed.  We are running a crowdfunding campaign, which means that you can also invest in Drawify via a loan that can give you a return that is well above the interest rates on savings accounts!

Want to learn more about Drawify's funding quest? Feel free to take a look at the WinWinner platform, where you will find our campaign page. There you can consult our growth plans, financial information and the investment conditions.

Are you growing with us? 

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