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Dec 02, 2021

Visual Storytelling

DIY Season's Greeting Cards

Can you hear the jingle bells coming? We at Drawify certainly do!

Did you know that Drawify’s drawing base contains everything you need to create your own stunning Season’s Greeting Cards?

The time is right to go and discover!



Create a Drawify account and start a new project.  Hit images and off we go!

With  a simple search on the keywords “Christmas” or “winter”, Drawify will offer you all the elements you need to create your personal wishing cards.

Want to add some party vibes? Then search for the keyword “party”

And perhaps some “stars” could brighten up your drawing too?

The options are countless! Dive into Drawify to discover our wide range of seasonal drawings.


Some tips & tricks to get you going!

Less is more.

Christmas is the queen of kitsch and plenty, there’s no doubt about it!

However, your wishing card will look much better if you stick to the “less is more” principle.


Choose 1 font, limit your amount of drawing styles (you can search on a Drawifier’s name to stay within one drawing style) and limit your colour pallet as much as possible.


Browse for inspiration.

Creativity comes by surprise!  Instead of searching for keywords of what you have in mind, let Drawify inspire you!

We want to invite you to get creative with original drawing combinations.  Browsing through all drawings, or searching on a Drawifier’s name could be a surprisingly great way to get inspired!


Set the tone with a background colour.

You can change the background colour in your canvas settings.

A dark background works especially well with a lighter drawing or text upfront and vice versa.

If you want to add a very dark background, don’t go for the full black, but rather pick the darkest shade of a colour.  By doing so the dark background will be much more lively. A very dark blue for instance is the perfect colour for a night sky to which you can add stars.


Create a pattern or shape by duplicating.

Why not cover your canvas with a pattern? Take a snowflake for instance.  It’s a perfect shape to repeat all over your canvas.

Search for “snowflake”, drag and drop it into your canvas, click the left lower corner of the selected snowflake to duplicate it, and drag it to another place. Repeat this simple action until your canvas is covered by a beautiful snowflake pattern.

Of course, you can also build a shape by duplicating an element over and over again and ranging it in the shape of whatever you want; a star, a Christmas tree, … you name it!


Now go and play around, have some fun, and put a smile on everyone’s face with your highly original season’s greetings!

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at the creations made by the Drawifiers, which you can download via this link.


Enjoy Drawify and the time of the year!




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