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Aug 04, 2021


Become a visual storyteller in 1 day

Get ready for your visual boost!

Do you want to learn how to convey your message with a (self-made) drawing?
Are you convinced you can’t draw well enough to do so?
Or… are you already using drawings but you want to improve your visual storytelling skills?
Well, I am happy to propose an offer you can’t refuse.

For the total price of 275 euro*, you’ll get:

  1. One-day online training (17th of September, 9 AM to 5 PM CET) - English spoken

  2. Full-year access to the new Drawify tool (market value 239 euro/year including free access to the monthly Drawify training sessions to increase your skills, month by month)

  3. The must-have guide for visuals storytellers: E-book Start to draw, by Axelle Vanquaillie

*275 euro excl VAT (332,75 euro incl VAT)

SUBSCRIBE via this link:

What's on the agenda?

Develop your visual library: learn how to draw your visual language and professional jargon in a way that you can reproduce it very easily next time.  
Understand and expand the different techniques how to build your visual story (use of color, structure, hierarchy, etc…)


How do you present your information as a story? We walk you through 5 simple steps that help you compose your visual story. Whether you work with your own drawings or with Drawify, you'll be able to make a visual one-pager of your message. 

How to apply visual storytelling in your role: discover the usage of drawings in your job, from 4 different perspectives. We’ll explore them together so you can choose which one to use in your practice.

We’ll keep the group small to make it very interactive and personal. Make sure you got your seat and subscribe today.

I hope to see you there!

Warm regards,

Axelle Vanquaillie



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